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Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency is a primary agent for authors writing in the Dutch language. We are interested in literary fiction, commercial fiction, general non-fiction and children’s books. We carefully review all manuscripts submitted to us, and when we consider a manuscript to be of good quality, we mediate between the authors and the publisher.

Submission guidelines
Our guidelines for submitting a manuscript are strict. Due to the large number of manuscripts we receive we will only consider those manuscripts that fulfill the submission requirements. Manuscripts that – for whatever reason – are unreadable or insufficiently well presented, shall not be considered.

You may submit your manuscript to us via the online submission procedure. Please complete the registration form behind this link as completely as possible. On this page you will also find the requirements that your manuscript must meet.

Our consideration period for your manuscript is three months. If we need more information from you, or would like to see the full manuscript, we will contact you. We will respond within three months via email and will not correspond by telephone, email or otherwise regarding the outcome.

If we consider the manuscript promising we will invite you to our offices for a personal meeting. If both parties come to an agreement regarding the manuscript, we will offer you a contract stipulating the agreed course of action. After that we will approach those publishing houses that are best suited to the manuscript. Should the rights to the manuscript be sold, we will take a commission. Up until that moment our services are free of charge.

Author management
Should we feel that the manuscript could be improved before sharing it with publishers, we may offer you an author management deal. This management comes custom made and can vary from a short written review to several intense rounds of editorial help. If you are interested in such management, we will come to an agreement beforehand regarding the shape and form as well as the costs involved. However, this shall not guarantee that we will be sending the end result out to publishers. That decision will depend on the final product.

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