Bob Boot

 Bob                                                Boot
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Bob Boot originally trained as a physiotherapist, before studying psychology and health science at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and taking a degree in haptotherapy.


As well as working as a haptotherapist (and running his own practice), Bob provides corporate communication training and is involved in scientific research into haptonomy and haptotherapy. He specializes in mentoring elite athletes and others who are under immense pressure to perform.


He has four books to his name:


  • Haptonomy: A Question of Feeling
  • The Inner Yardstick. Man and Society Through a Haptonomic Lens
  • Affirmative Touch. A Philosophical Approach to Haptonomy (ed.)
  • Men of 50

Bob is currently working on a book about performing under pressure for Unieboek | Het Spectrum with co authors Roel Klaassen and Robien Roet-Klaassen. 

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