Frank Krake

 Frank                                                Krake

Frank Krake (1968) completed a Masters in Marketing Strategy at the University of Groningen, in addition to his work as an entrepreneur in the garden furniture industry. His entrepreneurial career was characterized by high highs, but mainly low lows, and resulted in the autobiography De Rampondernemer (The disaster entrepreneur) (2014). It was the last book Pearson published in their non-fiction fund before it ceased to exist.
As a result, Krake became interested in the world of publishing and, after years of intensive research, this resulted in his first self-published book Menthol (2016), about the black man who taught the Netherlands to brush their teeth. The book was praised on national television and remained in the Bestseller list for 12 weeks.

His next project was about his favourite soccerclub, FC Twente, and the chairmanship of Joop Munsterman at that club. This resulted in the book Rood Bloed (Red Blood) (2017), which was published by Voetbal Inside / Overamstel publishers.

Krake met Wim Aloserij (94 years) at a lecture about Menthol. Aloserij survived three concentration camps and the ship's disaster with the Cap Arcona. Grabbed by his story, Krake wrote the book  De laatste getuige (The Last Witness). The book was published in April 2018 and debuted at number 3 in the Bestseller list and remained there for more than 12 weeks. 


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