Herbert van Hoogdalem

 Herbert                        van                        Hoogdalem
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'Professional Outsider’ Herbert van Hoogdalem (1970) peaked in the advertising industry at a very young age. The only way he could survive the superficiality in that world was through large quantities of booze, drugs, women and thanks to an enormously big mouth. After winning all possible awards and prizes and hitting the limit in his career at the young age of 30, there was only one thing for him to do: start his own agency. Thankfully, that idea failed, resulting in the utter and complete fragmentation of his ego. An added benefit of his failed adventure: he had to learn something new. Entrepreneurship.

Three companies and fifty projects later, he now leads people and brands on the road to success – in the broadest sense. He’s lived in Barcelona and in the Algarve. He's a father to 3 children (so far) with 3 different mothers, was almost someone's husband, has been divorced multiple times and has survived two economic recessions. There’s no valley he hasn’t crossed, no mountain he hasn’t climbed. He’s known rags and he’s known riches. Dozens of gurus tried to help him, to no avail. In the end, it was his capacity to learn that saved him. As an experienced expert in almost any field, and on the eve of his seventh life path, he’s finally utilizing his greatest talent: writing. To inform anyone willing to learn what he would have liked to have known at age 25 – in hindsight. 

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