Jolien Janzing

 Jolien                                                Janzing
© Dieter Bacquaert

Jolien Janzing is a Dutch author currently living in Belgium. She is known for her remarkable reports published in, amongst others, Humo.

She is an expert in the field of nineteen-century English literature and has published a novel about Charlotte Brontë called De Meester (Charlotte Brontë's secret lover), which received praise from the press and was selected as the only Dutch novel for the Books at BerlinaleDe Meester was published in German, French and English as well.

In 2017 her novel Audrey & Anne, about the intertwined lives of Audrey Hepburn and Anne Frank, was published by De Geus. The rights to Audrey & Anne were sold to Denmark (Turbine Forlaget) and France (l'Archipel).


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