Lideweij Bosman

 Lideweij                                                Bosman
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Lideweij Bosman (1979) is a woman of many talents. She worked as a reporter in male fashion for Textilia and Elsevier Stijl, and in May 2014 she debuted as an author with the controversial book Naupaka. With her book she broke through a taboo that had all of the Netherlands buzzing: she ended the relationship with her sick boyfriend because the intense caretaking he required nearly caused her to burn out herself. She met with heavy critique, but persevered and set up a community for caretakers.

Lideweij organizes retreats, speaks on the topic of caretaking and ihas finished writing her second book. Hókúle'a: A Book about Strength, Vulnerability, and Making Choices has been published in March 2018 by Altamira (Gottmer) publishers.

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