I Still Know Who You Are

Psychological suspense | 272 p.

I Still Know Who You Are

Alice Fokkelman &

Imagine if the bully who made your life hell when you were young becomes your neighbour twenty years later…

Manon leads a comfortable life. She is married, has one daughter, and her neighbors like her. It seems as if nothing can stand in the way of her happiness. Yet, there is one man who can slip by all of her defenses and turn her life into a living hell.

From the day that Wessel moves in next door, Manon returns to her insecure former self. While her husband hits on Wessel’s girlfriend, Manon feels herself sinking deeper and deeper into the past. Is Wessel still the same manipulative bully he used to be, or is she terrorized by her own delusions?

I Still Know Who You Are is an addictive psychological thriller. Raw anger, fear and frustration almost jump out of the pages. But who is the real victim in this situation?

Good to Know

    • Dutch rights sold in a pre-empt to Xander uitgevers.
    • For the readers of Liane Moriarty and Paula Hawkins.

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