The Happiness Crash Course

Lifestyle | 192 p.

The Happiness Crash Course

Petra van Dreumel &

A beautifully illustrated, easy to follow guide to finding and realising your dreams, based on the Disney method of imagineering

Happiness means different things to different people; and finding and following your dreams can be a challenge. Most of us are busy juggling work, family, friends and hobby’s. There is rarely a moment to sit down and reflect on our day, let alone our hopes and wishes for the future. And once you know what those are, how do you take that next step toward making your dreams come true?

The Happiness Crash Course is a beautifully illustrated 40-day mindfulness program built around one easy exercise a day. Starting from getting to know the real you, to recognizing and overcoming negative thoughts and learning to think more positively, every day will bring you one step closer to realizing your dreams, no matter how big or small.

Good to Know

    • Dutch rights sold to Boekerij
    • English chapter outline and sample translation available 

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